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The History of Poker — Why is it so Popular Today?

It depends on what you read as to where poker first originated. This is because historians’ opinions differ on whether poker is a game that was created just a couple of hundred years ago, or whether it was already in existence in China over a thousand years ago.

Poker as a 10th or 16th century game? — Some historians believe they have traced the history of poker back to the 10th century, and to a Chinese emperor that used to play a game that was similar. Others believe the game may be related to a card game played in Persia in the 16th century.

What all of these historians agree on, however, is that poker was in existence in some form well before the 19th century.

Poker in America — Other historians concentrate on the game of poker as it was played in America in the early to mid-1800s.

They believe the game was based on similar games in France, Spain and Germany several hundred years before, but that these games were adapted in America to become the game we know as poker today.

Why is poker popular today? — Poker became interesting to the average person after the game began to pop up in TV shows and movies. Around the same time, poker tournaments were grabbing the attention of gamblers who wanted to play a game offering such high prizes.

The game really became huge, however, when Internet gambling took off. All of a sudden, people that were only able to play the game a few times a year when near a casino, or a few times a week in games with friends, could suddenly play online any time they wanted.

Thousands of online casinos popped up, and the game millions of people enjoyed playing became easily accessible to all of them.

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